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25 October – 15 November 2016

This exhibition showcased the RSASA’s best from current ranks of Fellows of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts.

The RSASA celebrates 160 years in 2016: it is the longest running art society for members here in Australia.

An annual exhibition

Once RSASA members receive three awards of merit while showing their work in members’ exhibition they reach the level of Associate.

Each year Associates are invited to apply for Fellowship by showing a body of work along with back up material such as journals, concept development and sketches etc.

Fellows of the society then place their votes and by simple majority Associates become Fellows.

It’s a good opportunity to view a high standard of diverse works.

by Jack Condous

It is exciting to come across so much talent and ability in South Australia. It is even more exciting when you get the chance to interview an artists who loves what they are doing. You can see, feel and hear the enthusiasm coming from many of the words of this emerging artist – LISA INGERSON.

Lisa is a registered nurse who works three days a week, but lives and breathes for her creative activity for the remaining time of her week. I interviewed her recently, persuading Lisa to join our Planning group for the 2016 Characters of Fleurieu. Her reputation is spreading following her very successful exhibition  held at the South Coast Regional Art Centre, Goolwa. She will bring a lot of enthusiasm and local knowledge of the Fleurieu as she lives in Goolwa.

I found Lisa a gentle, kind intelligent artist willing to share her information and interact with passion of her beliefs. She believes  strongly in what she is doing and in particular loves what she is currently experimenting with her works. She trained at Adelaide Central School of Art and has been influenced by Paul Ruiz and Matt Doust. She just concluded her highly successful SALA solo exhibition at the South Coast Regional Gallery, Goolwa, where more than half her large works were sold to many of her sitters who live in her community. Her reputation is spreading and Lisa’s “wings are about to spread even further”. She said to me “I love painting/drawing – I like to find the essence of the person – I love to show and work in my portraits the essence of the person. I wish to capture people as delightful characters with feelings and emotions.”

The Friends SASA/RSASA discovered Lisa at the last Characters of Fleurieu exhibition where she won the 1st Prize for her portrait  It’s not Rocket Science. Lisa joined the RSASA following her success and has made a great start with her works in our Society. Her work at the sitting of the Adelaide City Council Mayor, Martin Haese was outstanding. She became absorbed in her painting, experimenting-looking for the journey of the person she is painting (using old and new maps). This work was displayed at the RSASA /SALA exhibition attracted a lot of attention. So much so Lisa kindly donated the work to Friends SASA for the UniSA Development Unit to sell as part of fundraising for the 25th Birthday celebrations of the UniSA and the 160th Anniversary of SASA/RSASA.

Lisa has her plans, when asked, she has entered the Cathedral Prize and plans going after major awards in Australia. She won the “Hangers Prize” recently at the 2nd RSASA Biennial Portrait Prize Exhibition.

In 5 years time Lisa informed me with great confidence and maturity she would love to be a full-time artist succeeding in the big prizes in SA and interstate.

The beauty, intensity and joy of life that evokes thoughts and feelings, comes through Lisa and her work. She loves her art work-she is passionate, emotive, colourful and yet elegant in her manner and style. She has this talent and ability not only in portraits but paints urban themes along with scenes from her local rural and beachside environment.

Lisa has exhibited widely in Balaklava, McLaren Vale, Dalyesford Victoria, Strathalbyn. Global Gallery, Sydney NSW, Art Images  SA, Artspace, Artistic Licence Gallery and Studio, Challenger Gallery RAH, Koonaro Wines. She has received lots of commissions and acclaimed in many publications in SA and Interstate.

My advice – watch this emerging artist. In two to five years time (with her clear goals set in mind) Lisa is to hit the the big time! It is great that we have discovered such an artist who has exhibited with us and brought a new contemporary style to our environment.

Frances Bedford, MP, JP, Member for Florey, gave the RSASA great publicity following her recent experience with the portrait exhibitions. Frances gives praise to the RSASA, its artists and the planning of these exhibitions.

Frances stated particular reference to the generous sponsorship, the portraits made by many artists and the many “hidden gems”. We are so grateful for Frances to spend her time and energy in supporting the role and function of our great exhibitions program held in the RSASA Gallery.

It’s publicity like this which will make many people who read her comments want to visit to see firsthand the great artworks by artists in our community.

Frances Bedford MP, JP

Stepping Out was the title of the members’ Spring Exhibition 2015 was opened on 27 September 2015. Members were asked to wear their Paint Gear and what a spectacular rainbow of members that attended. Bev Bills, Director of RSASA, opened it.

Awards of Merit were given to the following members:

  • Mekhaiel Abdelmalak, cat. #20, Granite Island.
  • Colleen Duffy, cat. #31, Black Australorps.
  • Alice Lingpei Hu, cat. #88, Rosebook (photo).
  • Lynette Kring, cat. #5, Guilded Wings – Nature Inspired.
  • Stefan Zarebski, cat. #24,  Port Adelaide.

Thank you to all members for a wonderful exhibition.

A Taste of South Australia was an exhibition in 2015 hung in the Adelaide Airport, showcasing RSASA Members.

The walls of the Adelaide Airport were full of colour.

Our fair state was on display for the world to see, after RSASA President Vikki Waller and our hanging crew’s efforts.

Thank you to all our volunteers.

31 July – 30 August 2015

This was the RSASA members’ Winter Exhibition with SALA Festival.

Merit Awards went out to Penny McLaren, Doris Unger, Camilo Esparza-Garcia, Stefan Zarebski, Lixin Hu (2  Awards), Louise Smith and Tahira Sabeen.

Also on display are most of the Portraits that where created during demonstrations during the RSASA Portrait prize.


Last day of Portrait Demonstrations here at the Royal. What a turn out. Sitting for her portrait was Jay McGrath, Magistrate. The artists involved in the demonstration was Gary Lee-Gaston OAM, Ann Nolan, Sophie Downey, and Frey Micklethwait.

Our sitter was James Bruce, Chair State Library Board, looking dapper as he celebrates 175 years of the Adelaide Hunt Club.

Artist today are Coralie Armstrong, Lynn Robins, Peter Noble and Cathi Steer.

Session 7 and we are half way through our Portrait Demonstrations.

Sitter: Mr Martin Haese, The Honourable The Lord Mayor, City of Adelaide.

Artists: Abby Turner, Lisa Ingerson M, Scott Eames F, and Lisa Ingerson.

Thank you, this session was well participated.

Sitter is Irena Zhang from Zi Gallery.

Artists Betty Anderson Coralie Armstrong Donald Burrow and Natasha Nydegger.

Thank you for your time Irena.

We thank all the individual musicians from the Adelaide Estedford for a brilliant performance through our 2nd Biennial Portrait Prize Exhibition. They entertained many people and even draw people in from the streets.

Think big, colour for this exhibition of members’ works to be held at the Adelaide Airport from Monday 7th September to Monday 19th October 2015. To showcase the talent of our members we require 2D works featuring the numerous aspects of living in South Australia. The Subject range is huge………rural, urban, industrial, landscapes, flora and fauna, our fabulous food and wine industry and the characters that produce then (in situ please), heritage and ethnic influences.

There is approximately 80 Linear metres of hanging space which calls for larger works – no size limit but no ‘little gems, as they would be lost in the space. Entry will be by submission of an A4 photograph of your works with an entry fee of $15 to cover transport by Friday 14th August 2015. The RSASA selection committee will view the submissions on Wed. 19th August and artists will be notified of acceptance (or not). As this is an outside exhibition you may submit works – on a relevant theme – that have been shown in a previous RSASA exhibition within the past two years.

Accepted works must be delivered to the RSASA gallery on Tuesday 1st September or earlier date by arrangement suitably packed and labelled with photo of work, title, name etc on the outside for transport by courier to the the airport. Late deliveries cant be accepted.

Showcasing our Royal.

Molly Byrne OAM, Member of Parliament (ALP).

Sitting for Betty Anderson, F Mark Wilson, Tsering Hannaford, Philip David.


The portrait demonstrations have started at the RSASA portrait exhibition. It is interesting to watch how the artist captures an image with a live model. The demonstrations are both in painting and sculpture.

The children’s exhibition opened with the portrait exhibition 28th June. It is located on the ground floor of the old library building and entrance is free. There are over 250 works on exhibit and it is well worth a visit to see the up and coming Adelaide artists of the future.