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Annette Marner

Dr Annette Marner is an award-winning nature photographer, novelist, poet, and former ABC Radio broadcaster.

After several years of creating photographs and videos for the ABC’s on line platforms including 891 ABC Adelaide and ABC Rural, Annette launched her fine art nature photography in 2017.

Since then, she has won a number of awards, been published internationally, and has exhibited work in 5 galleries including 2 solo exhibitions.

In 2018, her novel A New Name for the Colour Blue which is set in South Australia won the ArtsSA /Wakefield Press Unpublished Manuscript Award at the Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature. It is now available in bookstores and as an ebook.

She has a Ph.D in Creative Writing from Flinders University.

Carrying in the Memory of the Wind, Giclee Photographic Print, 22 x 42 cm, $870

The Seascape

Blue Ring-tailed Damselfly (from Water We are Born), Giclee Photographic Print, 30 x 42 cm, $570

And So the Flight Begins, Giclee Photographic Print, 33 x 42 cm, $960

The Wave Across her Wings, Giclee Photographic Print, 58 x 44 cm, $1,390

The Black and White Honeyeater

Egret Rising Against the Wind, Giclee Photographic Print, 45.5 x 63 cm, $1,390

The Heart of the Owl, Giclee Photographic Print, 41.5 x 59 cm, $1,390

The Sky in her Eyes, Giclee Photographic Print, 44.5 x 58.5 cm, $1,390

The Eagle

Wings of the Rosella, Giclee Photographic Print, 42 x 56.5 cm, $1,390