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Lou Smith

I grew up in Lyrup in an artistic, musical family and have always had an interest in art.

My father being an artist, always had his own art displayed through our home and had shelves full of art books which I looked at often. It was always work by Salvador Dali that inspired me most.

I also have a love for music which inspires me, as do the people around me. After leaving school at 15 I hardly even picked up a pen. Then when I was 18, I started designing tattoos for myself which led me to start working on the type of artwork you see displayed today.

I have won a couple of small prizes over the years and in 2012 and 2015 I won Awards of Merit, and in 2019 an Award of Excellence at The Royal South Australian Society Of Arts.

I like creating abstract, alternative drawings using fine ink pen. I love expressing my thoughts and unusual imagination on paper, and love seeing people’s reactions to my work. I am very grateful to be given this opportunity to share my work.

Contentment, 2018, pen and ink, 77 x 77 cm, $1,400

New Beginnings, 2018, pen and ink, 77 x 77 cm, $1,400

Endless Affection, 2015, pen and ink, 105 x 74 cm, $1,700

Drowning your Sorrows, 2013, pen and ink, 88 x 67 cm, $950

Growth, 2014, pen and ink, 88 x 67 cm, $950

Pulling at the Heart Strings, 2014, 88 x 67 cm, $950

Winnow, 2011, pen and ink, 73 x 83 cm, $800

Soulmates, 2015, pen and ink, 79 x 99 cm, $1,800