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Portrait Demonstrations


 DATES AND TIMES OF Portrait Demonstrations

For the 2nd RSASA Biennial Portrait Prize Exhibition from 28th June until 26th July 2015.
Venue: RSASA Gallery, Level 1, Institute Bldg, Cnr North Tce & Kintore Ave. Adelaide 5000
www.rsasarts.com.au e: rsasarts@bigpond.net.au Phone: 8232 0450
Portrait Demonstrations will be held, during the exhibition with up to 4 artists painting a
sitter, with sessions each Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
(Note times for each session)
Artists will include professional & emerging artists in painting & other mediums.
Cost for entry for these events $10.00 per session, including General Entry
Dates and Times of Demonstrations 2015 all to be held in the RSASA Gallery.
If you wish to attend a particular session or two, you are advised to book early to reserve your seat for the
session(s). A number of artists will work in a variety of media where they will begin their Portrait making and
will conclude their work away from the initial sitting, using photographs or making another time with the sitter
for their session.
All portraits will be on display during “Salt of the Earth” RSASA Members’ Winter Exhibition, 31 July – 30
August, where sitters (for their time and effort will be able to choose one of the art works). artists whose works
are selected will be reimbursed by the RSASA and all other works will be for sale to the public.
Note: The artists may decide e.g. between painting with paint or pastels or…

SESSION 1, TUESDAY 30TH JUNE 2015-11am – 1pm
SITTER- Anita Zocchi, Principal, Adelaide High School
Artists involved in portrait demonstrations. Set –up time 10.30am
1. Hugh Adamson (Fellow)
2. Jacky Charleston
3. Carolyn Corletto.(Associate)
4. Gerhard Ritter.(Fellow)

SESSION 2. Thursday 2nd JULY 2015 11am – 1pm
SITTER – Irena Zhang -Business Manager, Entrepreneur. Zi Gallery
Artists involved in portrait demonstrations. Set-up time 10.30am.
1. Betty Anderson.(Fellow)
2. Coralie Armstrong .(Fellow)
3. Donald Burrow. (Member)
4. Natasha Nydegger. (Member)

SESSION 3. SUNDAY 5TH JULY 1.30pm – 3.30pm
Sitter Rachel Sanderson, MP, Member for Adelaide
Artists involved in portrait Demonstrations. Set up time 1pm
1. Cheryl Bridgart. (Fellow)
2. Judith Klavins . (Associate)
3. Jennifer Allnut.(Member)
4. Margaret Thomas…

SESSION 4. TUESDAY 7TH JULY 2015- 11am to 1 pm
SITTER- Filippo Scarpantoni, Scarpantoni Estate Wines.
Artists involved in portrait demonstrations. Set-up time..10.30am
1. Maggie Rees. (Associate)
2. Nicola Semmens
3. Roe Gartelmann . (Fellow)
4. Julie Corfe

SESSION 5 Thursday 9th July 11am – 1pm.
SITTER -Molly Byrne OAM, former Labour Member of Parliament
Artists involved in portrait demonstrations. Set up time 10.30am
1. Betty Anderson (Fellow)
2. Mark Wilson
3. Tsering Hannaford (Member)
4. Philip David (Associate)

SESSION 6. SUNDAY 12th July from 1.30pmm – 3.30pm
SITTER – Chris Kourakis. Chief Justice,
Artists involved in portrait demonstrations Set up time 1pm
1. Sophie Downey. (Member)
2. Penny McLaren. (Member)
3. Catherine Noble. (Member)
4. Peter Westerhoff. (Member)

SESSION 7.TUESDAY 14th JULY 2015 FROM 11am – 1pm
SITTER-Mr Martin Haese, The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor, City of Adelaide
Artists involved in portrait demonstrations. Set up time 10,30am
1. Abbey Turner
2. Lisa Ingerson (Member)
3. Scott Eames (Fellow)
4. Natasha Nydegger (Member)

SESSION 8. Thursday 16th July 11am – 1pm

SITTER- James Bruce, Chair State Library Board
Artists involved in portrait demonstrations. Set up time 10.30am Thursday 16th July 11am to 1pm.
1. Coralie Armstrong (Fellow)
2. Lynn Robins. (Associate)
3. Peter Noble. (Member)
4. Cathi Steer (Fellow)

SESSION 9. Sunday 19th July 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm
SITTER – Dr Gregor Ramsey AM-President Friends South Australian School of Art
Artists involved in portrait demonstrations. Set up time 1pm
1. Cynthia Dowler. (Fellow)
2. Fiona Dowler (Fellow)
3. Lilian Securo
4. Philip David.(Associate)

SESSION 10. Tuesday 21st July 2015 from 12 noon until 2pm

Please note as this session will start an hour later as Ian is on air at the ABC until 11am and would be
available from 12noon.
SITTER – Ian Henschke ABC Broadcaster
Artists involved in portrait demonstrations. Setup time11.30am
1. 1. Cheryl Bridgart (Fellow)
2. Andre Clarke
3. Glen Kestell (student)
4. Adam Opala- (Member)

SESSION 11. Thursday 23rd July from 11am – 1pm
SITTER-Jay McGrath, Magistrate
Artists involved in Demonstrations. Set up time 10.30am
1. Gary Lee-Gaston OAM (Fellow)
2. Ann Nolan (Fellow)
3. Heather Lorenzon. (Fellow)
4. Sophie Downey (Member)

Adelaide Eisteddfod Performers
Institute Room Ground Floor Institute Building

Amongst the Art works of 22 Schools there will be playing fine music for all to enjoy by the list below. Kindly supporting the 2nd Biennual Portrait Prize 2015. With Art and Music in Harmony. A great combination to experience. The Children’s Exhibition is Free so come see.

Sunday July 5

2-00 pm
Jack Daws, classical guitar

Saturday July 11

1-00 pm

Jenny Hu (viola & flute); Cheri Wong (violin)

2-00 pm

James Rawley, classical guitar (90 minutes)

3-30 pm

Hannah Kovilpillai, violin/oboe

Sunday July 18

Marcus Kha, guitar/piano

Marlon Kha, clarinet/piano

Marissa Kha, piano

2-00 pm

Alannah Pham, pi2-00 pm

Alex and Yanni, classical guitars

3-00 pm

Katerina Leske, piano

Sunday July 19

1-00 pm

Alex Chen and Eric Chen, Violin/Piano

2-00 pm

Lynda Folauhola and Kang Cho, Violin/Piano

3-00 pm

Alex and Yanni, classical guitars

Saturday July 25

1-00 pm

James Monro, cello/oboe/piano, Tanya Monro, piano.

2-00 pm,

lyona Popova, piano; Adden Chin,

Sunday July 26

1-00 pm

Alannah Pham, piano/tenor saxophone

2-00 pm

Philippa McAuliffe, piano/harp

SALA IN THE GARDEN: Soldiers Memorial Gardens, Unley Road, Unley Sunday 16th August 2015 10.30 – 4.30pm. What fun our members had with demonstrations and chatting about their society. Photo of Philip David.

Thank you to all for attending.