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President of the RSASA

David Baker was appointed the 33rd President of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts on Sunday, October 14 2018 at the RSASA Annual General Meeting. He replaces the retiring President, Jack Condous OAM, FRSASA.

David Baker – President

A successful and celebratory AGM has us with all positions filled and a very supportive and cooperative team. I’m looking forward to working productively with you all. For the new year and beyond I’m working to keep and enhance the work done by Jack in his capacity as our networking representative and president.

The immediate challenges are finances, the rules and process for selection of work for exhibitions and the process for accepting new members. I expect the teams will have these running smoothly within a couple of months.

Regarding work selection, this is pivotal to the success and pride of our organisation. A process has been developed which ensures that the excellent work receives awards and the best work is hung. Additionally, I want to make good use of the “quiet days” between exhibitions – Monday (which has been used for critiquing), Friday and Saturday. The gallery will be (mostly) full of work, and we are closed on those days so, maybe we could open the gallery on Friday and Saturday and have drop-in days when members can come in a discuss everything from a piece of art they are trying to complete to how to create installations in a heritage building. We could have classes run by members who are teachers.

David Baker